Mayflower II

The Mayflower II is a full-scale reproduction of the ship that brought the Pilgrims to North America. Built in England in 1956 using traditional methods and tools, this ship is 106 ft long, 25 ft wide, and weighs 236 tons. It’s berthed on the waterfront of Plymouth, Massachusetts, not far from the landing site Plymouth Rock. The ship is a key attraction of Plimouth Plantation, a complex of museums that tell the story of  Plymouth colony and the native American culture of the area. The wharf leading to the ship includes informational displays that describe the ship and voyage it undertook in 1692 with 102 passengers and a crew of 30.

I captured this photograph from Pilgrim Memorial State Park, a waterfront area that can be accessed from Water Street and includes walking paths, gardens, and scenic views of the harbor. I used an artistic filter to give the image a painterly feel. This effort was inspired by the Landing of the Pilgrims postage stamp (Scott #1420) issued in 1970 to honor the 350th anniversary of that event.