Stamp Treks – Carousel Horses

This is an image of the carousel located in the Carousel Village section of Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island. A carousel, or merry-go-round, is an amusement ride consisting of a rotating circular platform with seats for riders. Typically the seats are carved horses or other animals with saddles. A pole connects the seat with a mechanism above that pulls the rider up and down as the platform rotates, simulating a galloping motion.

The carousel originates from the French word carrousel used to describe tournaments held as far back as the 1100’s to train cavalry soldiers for combat. Riders were suspended from an elevated ring which was rotated by hand. The goal was for the riders to knock a stick from a person standing near the ring. Later, French noblemen had extravagant carousels constructed on their private estates for training riders with lances to spear a ring located at the edge of the rotating platform.

Carousels began to be built as amusement rides in the 1700’s. German immigrant Gustav Dentzel is credited for pioneering the modern amusement park carousel in America in the 1860’s. His works are known for accurate detailing of the carved animals.

Roger Williams Park is a magnificent urban park with extensively landscaped grounds. Covering over 400 acres in the south side of Providence, the park also boasts public gardens, ball fields, an extensive trail network, bandstand, the Museum of Natural History, and many other attractions.

Part of my Stamp Treks photography series, this photograph was inspired by the Carousel Horses postage stamps (Scott #2976-79) issued in 1995. These stamps were part of a series of stamps commemorating American folk art. This collection of four stamps showcases the different styles of carousel horse carving styles from the period 1870-1930, as explained in this Arago article.

1995 US postage stamp –
Palamino (Scott #2976)

1995 US postage stamp –
Pinto Pony (Scott #2977)

1995 US postage stamp –
Armored Jumper (Scott #2978)

1995 US postage stamp –
Brown Jumper (Scott #2979)

Location Map

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