Photograph: Youth at Rockefeller Center

This photograph, taken in 2003, depicts the sculpture titled “Youth” by Paul Manship. This, along with a companion piece titled “Maiden”, were originally used to flank the Prometheus sculpture which graces the Rockefeller Center plaza fountain in Manhattan. The sculptor was unhappy with the arrangement so they were moved to different locations and ultimately removed from the plaza for several years. In 1983 they were restored and placed in their current positions near the staircase where they serve as a prelude to the famous Prometheus from Greek mythology.

Prometheus, the greek Titan (second generation of devine being), defied the gods by giving fire to humanity. He is known for his intelligence, striving for knowledge. The figure of Wisdom can be seen above the entrance to the building.

Location Map

Also see my Dave Thompsen Photography map showing locations for many of my photographs.

About My Photographs

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