Technology – D3 Force Diagram

I’ve developed a simple demonstration of the D3 Force layout, which shows a graph where entities are represented by circles and the relationships between those entities are represented by lines that connect the circles. In this example, I show a selection of works in my Stamp Treks series of photographs (green circles), linking them to the New England state in which the subject resides (orange circles), and an indication of the type of subject (blue circle).

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Technology – Data Visualization

One of the technology areas I’ve always been interested in is data visualization, the rendering of information using charts. I’ve been experimenting with D3, the Data Driven Document javascript library which makes transforming data and subsequent display fairly easy. The library doesn’t provide easy graphing right out of the box, but instead offers an extremely flexible framework for leveraging javascript, HTML5, and SVG technologies to create highly customizable and interactive data visualizations.

I’ll be providing some posts that explore some of the capabilities of this library.