Photograph: Cocheco Mills

Cocheco Mills Icicles

This photograph captures the icicles forming above the cloud of water vapor rising above the Cocheco Mills dam in downtown Dover, New Hampshire. The dam, built in the early 1900’s on the Cocheco River, provided water power for driving the mill machinery. The calm waters above the dam lip reflect the windows of mill building #3. Icicles form on the underside of the steel truss bridge from the roiling waters flowing over the dam on its way through the arch built under the mill. The ramps seen in the lower right are part of a fish ladder.
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Photograph: Kancamagus Highway

Albany Covered Bridge

The Kancamagus Highway, part of state route 112, is a National Scenic Byway running roughly 30 miles east-west across the White Mountains of New Hampshire between Conway and Lincoln. The road was built in the 1960’s and named after Kancamagus (pronounced “Kank-ah-MAW-gus”), known as “The Fearless One”, chief of the Pennacook Native American tribe that lived in this area. There are several wonderful vistas and places to walk about in nature, including the locations depicted in these photographs.
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Photograph – Great Bay Boardwalk

Great Bay Boardwalk

This photograph, enhanced with artistic filters, was taken at Great Bay Discovery Center in Greenland, New Hampshire. This is part of the Great Bay National Estuarine Research Preserve where staff promote stewardship, monitoring, and education about the bay. Concerns about water quality, marine habitat health, and access to the bay are foremost for this organization. The Discovery Center facility includes a small collection of well-done exhibits highlighting these themes. The boardwalk in the photograph is part of an easy nature path at the center and brings visitors up-close to the tall marsh grasses and other foliage along the tidal zone of the bay. Birds, including osprey, are often seen here. A print of this photograph, mounted in nice walnut wood frame, is on display at the Seacoast Artist Association gallery in Exeter, New Hampshire, for our Marshes, Dunes, and Tidepools theme show during July 2017.

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Photograph – New Castle Sunrise

New Castle Sunrise

One of my favorite subjects is the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse. This image, enhanced with artistic filters, was taken one early summer morning from Great Island Common park in New Castle, New Hampshire. The tree is nicely silhouetted in front of the colorful dawn sky. I waited for the light at the top of the lighthouse to rotate towards me when I took the picture. This image is on display at the SAA Gallery in Exeter, NH this month of May as part of our “Sky Images” theme show.
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