Photograph – Hood Airship

Hood Airship

Hood Airship

The Hood Airship, part of my New England series of photographs and included in my Introduction, depicts the blimp sponsored by the Hood dairy company, based in Massachusetts. The blimp is operated by Van Wagner airship group out of Beverly, MA and piloted by Terry Dillard – the Boston Globe has an excellent article on this:  For blimp pilot, life is a breeze at 1,000 feetThe blimp can often be seen hovering over Fenway Park during Red Sox baseball games. I captured my image while returning to Portsmouth, NH on a cruise from the Isles of Shoals.

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Welcome to, my blog for sharing my images and thoughts on art, technology, and exploration. My site banner is a photograph of  Great Baya fascinating ocean bay that is a dominant feature of the area I now call home. This bay covers  6,000 acres, is fed by seven rivers, and connects the towns of Dover, Durham, Newmarket, Newfields, Stratham, Greenland, and Newington. It is noted for having one of the fastest tidal currents in the world.

Like the Hood airship below, I enjoy exploring the area around me. New England is a fascinating region, with a wealth of interesting towns and natural spaces to walk and historic sites to learn about. My photography is a way of sharing these places with others.

Hood Airship

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I often experiment with artistic filters, providing unique painterly images of the scenes around me. In the New England series, I’ve captured a variety of subjects from the Maine to Boston – flowers on the seashore of Kennebunkport Maine, the Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire, the Charles River Esplanade in Boston – these are just a sampling of the images in that series.

I like to provide background on the subjects I take photographs of, so you’ll see future posts that briefly describe the scenes I’m capturing. Hopefully you’ll enjoy learning about the story behind these images.